Aspects of the society of the Greek Gods and Goddesses

Here is a brief description of some aspects of the society of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Perhaps you recall some Greek myths as well to help you remember how the Greek gods interacted with each other: Artemis was the huntress possessing her quiver and bow. She was goddess of the moon and chastity. She was a staunch defender of her virginity and those who threatened it met with a fatal end. This happened to Actaeon, who seeing her bathing was transformed by Artemis into a stag and the hounds were loosed on him whereupon he was torn to pieces. Orion the hunter, who made the mistake of trying to remove her robe, was killed on the spot. She was equally committed as well to defending her worshippers and priestesses from assault and rape. Artemis was merciless in defending their innocence. Zeus was the supreme god of the pantheon, the sky thunder god whose name means “bright.” Often seen wearing a crown of oak leaves and bearing a giant shield. The youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, he escaped the threat of being eaten by his father like his siblings as Cronus when he discovered one of his children would