Morality and effectiveness of Civil Disobedience

Assess the morality and effectiveness of Civil Disobedience as a tactic. You may focus on one or several of the following thinkers: Gandhi, Thoreau, King, and Hughan. Or you may focus on different approaches: Nonviolent Resistance, Civilian-based Defence, or Violent forms of Civil Disobedience. (Unit 11, sec.8-13)

General Advice on Writing Philosophy Essays
1. I’m looking for knowledge of the relevant course material, understanding and evaluation of the arguments involved, and some original and coherent thinking. Style is relevant. This involves such things as clarity, organization, grammar, and spelling.
2. The essay is a defence of your own position regarding a question of ethical significance. To give your position a worthy defence, imagine that your reader is skeptical about your conclusion but sympathetic to well formulated arguments. When arguing against a position, imagine how your opponent would reply.
3. Strong argumentation and originality of thought are highly valued in philosophy papers. This could involve subtle and detailed analysis of an issue, concept, or author, and it could involve comparing or connecting different ideas in order to develop your own view. Accuracy in your treatment of texts is also important. As a reader, I want you to give me the most for the least – that is, to make lots of points, defend them adequately, back them up with appropriate attention to course material, and to do this without padding or repetition.
4. Marks will be deducted for poor writing (paragraph organization, grammar and diction), so proofread carefully. I also come down hard on papers that clearly misread an author, that are self-contradictory, or that say little in a vague way.
5. All ideas taken from someone else should be referenced in MLA or APA format, even if they are not direct quotations. Page references should be given for all direct quotations from a printed source.

I have provided course notes for you as an attachment to use and reference to help write this essay, you are to reference them properly using APA format when you use them in the essay. You are required to use additional secondary sources as well to write this.