Neurological intensive care unit

A patient was admitted to the neurological intensive care unit after suffering from a brain bleed. Doctors ordered a PET scan and prescribed ASAP a medication for anxiety because the patient was claustrophobic. The nurse could not find the anxiety medication in the automatic drug dispensing cabinet, so she did an override and accidentally grabbed a paralyzing drug instead. The moment the nurse realized she had given the wrong medication, she rushed to the doctors working to revive the patient, but she feels ashamed and hesitant if tell the truth. A few seconds later she decides to go forward. The doctors could revive the patient by maintaining her/him with intubation and mechanical respiration.”

Using the evidence you have learned from the leadership chapters (Chapters 19, 20, 21), how would you approach this scenario? What strategies would you use as a leader to encourage a collaborative and patient-centered working environment for your staff and patients?