Nurse executive roles and responsibilities

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This phase of reflection is an insight into my interview with the clinical nurse manager and how the CPE objectives were attained. Based on the interview I had with the clinical nurse manager, I learned of the different tasks and responsibilities she must accomplish each day for the smooth running of her office ranging from patient care, administrative meeting, and management of the unit. Each day is different with its own challenges. Some days are full of meetings while some days are no meetings at all. I was opportune to observe how she carry out some of her functions for the day, her roles, and responsibilities. It was amazing seeing her going through the hospital policy and some of the clinical policies on procedures on her unit and updating areas that needed attention for revision.

The CPE activities were much, however the materials in the course and the task covered, gave me a clear understanding of a nurse executive roles and responsibilities. Also, not just any graduate nurses can hold such a position, there are also advanced certifications for nurse executives to qualify for the position.  Some of the tasks they engaged in include reviewing and reversing policies, implementing new policies and procedures when necessary, firing and overseeing the hiring process, and developing business plans and budgets for the nursing unit. Some of the essential skills needed for the job include effective communication both written and verbal skills coupled with good leadership and technical skills.