Psychiatric nursing

Statement True/False Provide one detailed rationale supporting your response OR Describe an example related to your response 1. Older adults experience positive T and negative functional consequences because of age-related changes 2. Psychiatric nursing interventions can be directed toward alleviating or modifying the negative functional consequences of risk factors. 3. Sociocultural factors influencing F’s mental health are those that include a person’s biological makeup, autonomy, independence, and self-esteem. 4. Countertransference occurs when T the therapist shifts attitudes or feelings from their personal past onto the client. 5. A patient’s age can affect how he or she will express the signs and symptoms of a mental illness. 6. If a patient threatens or verbalizes F plans to harm another person, the priority nursing action is to document. 7. Most patients are involuntarily admitted for psychiatric care 8. Confidentiality can be broken if there is a need to warn a third person O of threats or harm. 9. Educational level is rarely considered a factor when testing the patient’s ability to think abstractly. 10. Achieving a high level of self-awareness is critical to psychiatric-mental health nursing.