The goal of biological anthropology

Respond and interact regarding points made in this discussion using these two examples.



Prompt A:

This research falls under cultural anthropology which deals with human biology and behavior in the past and present, with an emphasis on the evolutionary processes that shape them. This field of study encompasses a wide range of topics such as the study of human fossils, the genetic and physiological differences between human populations, the relationship between biology and culture, and the adaptation of humans to different environments.


Prompt B:

This research falls under archaeology anthropology which studies past human societies by analyzing the physical remnants of those societies, including artifacts, structures, and other environmental evidence. It covers the study of human history from the earliest human origins to recent historical periods, which allows archaeologists to reconstruct and understand the diverse range of human societies. The anthropologist in question is using this method to investigate the effects of the Spanish missionization of Native Californians between 1776 and 1830, with a particular focus on how the native population navigated their cultural identity and retained traditional practices while dealing with the colonial forces.


Prompt C: 

This research falls under cultural anthropology. Is a discipline within anthropology that studies the aspects of culture in human societies, including beliefs, customs, social organization, and material culture. As a discipline, it offers a holistic approach to understanding human society, culture, and behavior. In this research, the methods of cultural anthropology are applicable in understanding the impact of gender communication on family interactions.  Moreover, by focusing on one specific aspect of culture which is communication, and how it impacts relationships within a family, the anthropologist can gain a better insight into how gender roles and expectations may shape the communication and interactions within the family setting.


Prompt D:

This research falls under biological anthropology. Briefly, it explores the relationship between human biology, culture, and environment. The goal of biological anthropology is to examine and understand the patterns of human evolution and the biological and cultural factors that have shaped human populations over time. By comparing the amount of genetic variation present in Y-chromosomes from different groups of men, anthropologists can infer when and how those populations diverged from one another and can gain insight into the patterns of human migration throughout history.



Prompt A

For this description, the primary anthropological field is Cultural. Food and how we eat it is a large part of the culture. It is mentioned that nutritional value was part of the study ( even if only in belief), this might overlap with biological anthropology if part of the study includes the actual nutritional value of them and their culture. When studying this topic the outside disciplines I would want to consult would be nutrition as food always has a nutritional impact, agriculture since how soybean is grown may affect why or how much they eat, as well as history to know the historical context of soybean in Hong Kong.


Prompt B

For this description, the primary anthropological field is Archeology. There is excavation involved which is the main component of Archeology. Since the Anthropologist is interested in the identity of the Natives and how they balanced their traditions with the colonial influences this research has overlap with Cultural Anthropology, and there will be lots of comparisons with the cultures involved. When studying these sites an outside discipline that should be consulted would be history, the specific historical context of the area would be helpful in understanding the finding or even finding additional sites for excavation.


Prompt C

For this description, the primary field is linguistic anthropology. The research is being specifically done on communication which will be linguistic research. There is an overlapping field of cultural anthropology. Gender and how families interact with different genders and gender roles within the family depend much on cultural context. When studying this scenario outside disciplines that should be consulted would be communications and linguistics.


Prompt D

For the study in this description, the primary field is biological anthropology. The study of genetics falls under the biological field of anthropology. This is the only scenario that an overlap of a second field of anthropology doesn’t seem as obvious, at least to me. I think archeology could be involved after the fact to help determine distance and time from the results of this study. For this scenario, the outside disciplines that I would want to consult would be geography, and history since they will prove very useful to determine migrations over time.