To inspect for Sifety hazaras

Choose a home (apartment, condo) to inspect for sifety hazaras. it can be your owm home but ensure there is enough to insped to make this siugnonent a worthwhile learning experience for you. Include the folowing in your inpection: Approximate age of the home: Styie of the home ftwo-story, one floor cendo, etcl. Number of persons living in the home?

Ages of the persons living in the home: Number of working fire extinguisherspresent in the home. Number of smoke detectors present in the home. Number of warking carbon monqidde detectan present in the bome: Electrical, gas, of hot water iressient he tir s nourue: Gax of electric stoves and ovens: First aid kit in home: 0 Yes Dl No fo marks:

2. Complete a tharoueh inepection of each room of the home indudist brieitient, taundry soom, and garege, if opplicable, euting the falsores.