Define justice and rights from a biblical perspective

In modern times, there is significant discussion about “justice” and “rights.” We often hear that something does or does not achieve “justice” or that someone has a “right” to something. Please address the following issues in your paper.
1. Define justice and rights from a biblical perspective. This should set a standard by which claims to justice and rights can be analyzed.
2. Select a specific, contemporary legal issue in the United States where individuals assert a “right” to something or state that something is inconsistent with standards of “justice” and apply a biblical understanding of “justice” and “rights” to conclude whether the specific asserted right or claim of injustice you selected is indeed a denial of a “right” or fails to achieve “justice.” Be sure to fully explain each part of your answer.
Be sure to use materials from the reading, the Bible, and outside sources.
Please use “Faith and Order: The reconciliation of law and religion” By Harold Berman