presentation that addresses a question related to the field of Psychology.

The objective of the project is for your group to create a unique presentation that addresses a question related to the field of Psychology. The question should be open-ended meaning there is no simple “yes” or “no” answer to it. For example, your question might be “What are dreams?” or “Who is Carl Jung?” Your group is responsible for putting together a 15 -20 minute presentation and each group member should have a part in the presentation. In addition to a Powerpoint presentation, you are required to incorporate an interactive component that is included in your presentation time. Examples include Tik Tok videos with follow up questions, interactive games, Zoom polls etc. The product will be your group’s original work and should advance our understanding of the question you select for your project.


The method you use to answer your question should include the following:

a review of the literature to determine how others have tackled the question; your presentation should reveal that you have thoroughly investigated the topic

use of multiple sources to gather and present your information: the Internet, journal articles, personal reflections, interviews, photographs, case studies, videotapes, etc.

appropriate use of at least 2 different peer reviewed journal articles per group member

collaboration with your group members; it is recommended that you meet with your

group early in the semester to begin formulating possible questions, division of labor,

plan of attack, etc.

the project will include quotes and references used when appropriate to cite your resources.


My topic is imagination. can you complete all of the following needs for the topic imagination? I also need citations