Statistical measures used in information security for evaluation

Information Security Project instruction:
Course Description
All students are required to demonstrate the ability to clearly evaluate a particular information security need, identify potential solutions, evaluate the alternatives, and implement the best solution. This project will draw upon portfolio case assignments completed in previous courses to produce a complete solution for the assigned problem. It will be evaluated using the same rubric that was used to assess the individual course portfolio assignments. Credit, 1 hr.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course:
• Become a contributor to a data science team
• Deploy a structured lifecycle approach to data analytics problems,
• Demonstrate an understanding of statistical measures used in information security for evaluation

• This course solely focuses on your IS Security Project. In this course, you will submit an organization for approval, and weekly progress reports and you will complete the project by the end of Week 7.

• In this project you will include for example Assessment plan, Risk Management, Operation Security, Physical Security, Project charter, Diagrams, Analyzing the security issue, solutions, your thoughts, and conclusion. (Basically, you are writing an Information security plan for an organization.)

• Also, at the end besides the project paper, I need a power point (4-6 pages) to present the key points/ Narrative / highlight the imported of the project with voice recording.