The French Revolution of 1789-1799

The French Revolution of 1789-1799 ended a feudal society in France and power associated with one’s social standing based on birth. It also established a representative government to rule for the people and by the people. Do you believe that Napoleon, himself a product of the French Revolution, destroyed revolutionary ideas of freedom and equality, or did he protect and promote them? Or, maybe, he acted selectively, supporting those principles and policies that suited him personally, while curbing others that could impair his power? Did he manipulate his subjects to gain and keep their support? Elaborate. Give reasons for your opinion, citing specific examples of Napoleon’s domestic and foreign policies as your evidence. Looking at Napoleon, and his successes and failures, do you see a need for a strong charismatic leader in our contemporary society, even if such a leader manipulates their people and aims to become a tyrant? What do you think makes people happier, their excitement of living in a powerful state other than fear, or their enjoyment of personal civic and political rights?

Further Instruction:
For your essay, be prepared to give precise answers to the questions. Avoid vague generalities that are not backed up with specifics. Make references to relevant dates and names. The organization of the material is important since it demonstrates your grasp of the subject.