Unpack the psychological complexities of human sexuality

Unpack the psychological complexities of human sexuality and intimate relationships, exploring the interplay of biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors in shaping sexual orientation, gender identity, and relational dynamics. Employing a lifespan perspective, analyze the developmental trajectories of sexual identity formation, intimacy regulation, and relationship satisfaction, and evaluate evidence-based interventions aimed at enhancing sexual health and relationship quality across diverse populations.Investigate the psychological impact of technological advancements on human cognition, behavior, and social interactions, examining the implications of digital media consumption, virtual reality experiences, and artificial intelligence on attentional processes, empathy development, and interpersonal communication. Critically evaluate the ethical implications of emerging technologies, such as privacy concerns, algorithmic biases, and digital addiction, and explore strategies for promoting responsible technology use and digital well-being in the digital age.Examine the efficacy of behavior change interventions